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WORLD OF SCIENCE: A-Z of Essential Terms. By Brian Deutrom and George Bethell. Oxford University Press. pound;4.50.

This science dictionary is a delight. Aimed at key stage 3 and most of key stage 4, it is conveniently pocket-sized, but has an encouraging amount of white space. The terms are presented in clear bold type and there is an easily used pronunciation guide for tricky words.

Entries average about 30 words - enough to clarify without overwhelming. Simple, accurate definitions are followed by easily understood explanations or examples, and in some cases labelled diagrams as well as illustrations. (I noticed one proof error, genetically modifying X chromosomes to Y.) Browsing is encouraged, facilitated by limited cross-referencing. The six brief appendices covering units, elements, etc, include - topically - a history of biotechnology.

But most importantly, students can rely on learning from this dictionary without needing an interpreter.


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