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Essex - Ban lifted from teacher who lied on CV

A teacher who was struck off for lying about her qualifications and experience to get a job in an Essex school is being allowed to rejoin the profession.

Sarah Boylan was barred from the classroom in 2004 after she falsely stated in a job application that she had two masters degrees and had been employed at two schools in London.

As a result, Ms Boylan was appointed RE teacher at Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School, where she worked for one term.

The General Teaching Council for England struck off Ms Boylan for a minimum of four years after finding her guilty of unprofessional conduct.

But the council has now lifted the ban and allowed Ms Boylan to re-register. She is only the second teacher in the council's history to be struck off and then allowed to re-register.

The council said she had been of "good character" and it was satisfied that she would now "maintain in future the standards of conduct expected of registered teachers".

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