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AFTER HER little elevator difficulty last week (but was she stranded in full view in those glass-fronted Sanctuary Buildings lifts, we wonder?), more embarrassment for education minister Estelle Morris - this time forced to her knees by an elderly woman.

Yes, our Estelle has become a privy councillor. Hoorah! She follows her dad, Charles, and her troublemaking uncle, Lord Alf of Manchester (currently being a naughty boy over the welfare Bill) into the select club of advisers to the Queen which also includes cabinet ministers, high court judges and Commonwealth leaders.

The ceremony, we gather, involved swearing an oath while kneeling on a stool, then shuffling forward on her knees to kiss the Queen's hand.

The post comes with a costume - although there's no female version (the council used to be a bit of a boys' club). Still, as an official says: "Hardly anybody wears it these days ... but we do have a few outfits people can borrow."

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