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The Eureka! Museum in Halifax

The Eureka! Museum in Halifax has recently received its three- millionth visitor, a tribute to the way in which its 400 interactive exhibits have tapped into children's interest in people and things. Shopping Detective is an attractive resource book written in the same spirit. It invites pupils at key stages 1 and 2 to meet a variety of stimulating challenges. They can organise a distributionroute for food lorries or solve a logical conundrum about favourite biscuits, explore how barcodes store information or how climate affects the production of crops. Answers are supplied.

Eureka! Shopping Detective costs pound;14.99 plus pound;2 pamp;p from Eureka! The Museum for Children, Discovery Road, Halifax HX1 2NE. Tel: 01422 330069. Fax: 01422 330275. Website:

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