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Eva's laminated knickers

In our November ssue we asked our readers to tell us about their greatest laminating triumph for the chance to win one of three fantastic laminators from GBC.

We were inundated with entries: from autumn leaves to mini whiteboards, target cards to drama costumes. It appears that as long as it isn't breathing, you'll laminate it!

Here are some of our favourites: Eva Phillips, from Roehampton University, said she and a colleague laminated a pair of knickers for party game 'Duck the Magic Pants'. Bet that's not on the national curriculum!

Vicki Carter of McLaren high school, Stirlingshire, created an interactive punctuation display using the 'Inside Story' on punctuation from 'TES Teacher' on November 7, 2003.

The winners third place, a student teacher who, in her own words, 'went laminating barmy' to such an extent that she can't decide on her favourite object.

Elaine Hart from Bradford sent us some impressive pictures of resources she'd laminated . We felt she had to be rewarded so she wins the DocuSeal 95P laminator.

The runner-up is another trainee, Lucy Turton from Northumberland. After breaking the brand-new laminator, depriving fellow students and lecturers for two weeks, Lucy admits that the only thing she has successfully laminated is her reputation! We hope Lucy has more luck with her brand-new DocuSeal XLP laminator.

And, in first place is Sarah Wilson from Hereward community college, Peterborough. Sarah boasts of laminating a 'highly prized collectors item', given to students who did 'great and impressive things'. The 'Get Out of Detention Free' card is extremely sought after on the playground black market. With the Catena 35 laminator, Sarah will be able to produce them by the bucket load.

To win this Toshiba Portege A100 (see left) tell us in 100 words or fewer what's the first thing you would do with it if you won it. Answers to before March 1.

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