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MARCH 14-15 NATIONAL LAW FAIR The Law Society welcomes budding lawyers and solicitors to the Telford International Centre, free admission. Universities offering law degrees and the Common Professional Examination will be represented plus the College of Law, and banks offering special loan facilities for law students. Educational establishments bringing a party of 40 or more can apply for a Pounds 100 travel bursary. Details: 071 242 1222.

MARCH 17-24 SET 95: NATIONAL WEEK OF SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Free events at the Wellcome Centre for Medical Science, 183 Euston Road, London NW1, include: "Edward Jenner and the speckled monster", March 20-23, when the 246-year-old "doctor" will lead parties around the Science for Life exhibition (group bookings, 071 611 8298); and a schools' symposium "Science serving health in the 21st century" on March 21 (admission by ticket only, 071 380 7253). There will also be a free genetics exhibition, "Genes are us" on the main concourse of Euston railway station, March 20-24.

BAYSDAYS A great balloon release, electronic cockroaches, exploding custard, and a star party with talks, storytelling, workshops, drama and fireworks display are among the British Association for the Advancement of Science's hands-on events, competitions and demonstrations for schools, families and science clubs on March 17-18 at the Science Museum and Imperial College, South Kensington, London SW7. Tickets: Pounds 5 if under 18, Pounds 4 BAAS youth section members, Pounds 6.50 adults (includes admission to museum and college). Details: Dawn Mountfield, 071 973 3500.

SPACE AND TIME ACTIVITIES AND RESOURCES (STAR) Project at the Dutch Barn, Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, London SE23, March 18-26, which aims to help teenage and adult visitors seek answers to questions on astronomy and the mysteries of the universe. Details: 081 699 1872.

FROM CAMERA OBSCURA TO THE MODERN CAMERA Families can make their own pin-hole cameras and try out modern photographic printing techniques and the first camera obscura to be used in Greenwich since 1840 on March 18 at the National Maritime Museum, London SE10.

Pre-booking essential: Pounds 5 adults, Pounds 3 children and concessions. Plus schools' programmes on the planetarium (daily); camera obscura (March 20); and "Moving models: our solar system" (March 22). Details: 081 858 4422.

MEET THE NATURE DETECTIVES Investigate some of the mysteries of the natural world with some of the 300 scientists who work behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7.

A day each will be devoted to entomology, palaeontology, zoology, mineralogy and botany. The programme kicks off with the molecular biology ballet during which the "double helix meets Come Dancing with an athletic explanation of the structure of DNA". Details: 071 938 9523.

SCIENCE ALIVE FESTIVAL Floating Science Theatre's scientists and engineers will combine physical theatre, mime, movement and music, March 17-21 at Catalyst, the museum of the chemical industry in Widnes, Cheshire. Shows for primary pupils include: "Gulp", which explores the water cycle, weather and conservation, and "The birthday party", which examines electric circuits, batteries and power generation. Meanwhile, secondary pupils can explore an earthquake scenario. Admission: Pounds 2. Details: 051 420 1121.

MARCH 21, APRIL 21, MAY 23, JUNE 20, JULY 18 QUALITY, CONTINUITY AND PROGRESSION IN CARE AND EDUCATION IN THE EARLY YEARS Seminars organised by and held at University of Hertfordshire, Fielder Centre, Hatfield. Speakers include: Iram Siraj-Blatchford, University of London Institute of Education and Dr Eve Gregory and Nasima Rashid, Goldsmiths' College, London University. Fee: Pounds 8 per seminar, Pounds 35 all five. Details: Linda Miller, 0707 285615.

MARCH 25 AND JULY 8 WOMEN'S SCIENCE NIGHTS Following the success of the London Science Museum's children's nights, women with little or no science background can also sleep among steam trains, space rockets and other exhibits, and enjoy exclusive use of the Launch Pad and Flight Lab interactive galleries. As well as two workshops and a drama presentation, they can attend other sessions during the evening and following morning. Admission: Pounds 18 (includes refreshments). Booking and details: Caroline Barrow, 071 938 9785.

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