ICT in Practice Awards

Supported by The TES and the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) and sponsored by BT Education, these awards will go to teachers, lecturers, advisers and trainers using technology in schools in an innovative and replicable way. Categories include school management, special educational needs and subject teaching. Each winner will receive pound;2,500 with a further pound;2,500 going to their school. The awards cover England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The judges will look for candidates who have:

* commitment to the use of ICT for teaching and learning;

* an understanding of how work has contributed to raising standards;

* the ability to inspire and motivate students and colleagues;

* visionary and sustainable on-going plans.

The work should be transferable to other classrooms and should say to teachers, "you too can do this". The closing date for nominations is July 28. More information is available on the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency website: Ladybird Survey Welsh schools are being urged to go in searc of the seven-spot ladybird that is under threat from a parasitic wasp. Cardiff Science Centre, supported by the British Association for the Advancement of Science and Environment Agency Wales, is asking schoolchildren and others to catch the ladybirds so they can be monitored for the offending parasite. The ladybirds, which are important because they eat greenfly, will then be released. To discover how to catch ladybirds and send them, schools should send an A4 SAE to Ladybird Spotcheck, Techniquest, Stuart Street, Cardiff CF10 5BW. Tel: 029 20 475 475.

The National Museum ofPhotography, Film and Television Workshops for primary schools at this Bradford museum include one entitled Light and Colour. It has plenty of hands-on investigations and a 3D workshop which "has a strong emphasis on the shape and space elements of the National Numeracy strategy". The museum's galleries explore light, animation, news, advertising, photography, television and digital technology. There is also a giant IMAX cinema. The beginning of July is a good time to book for visits in September. Tel: 01274 202040. Website:

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