Last summer Time Team, working on a 6th-century Anglo-Saxon cemetery, unearthed two human male skeletons lying together in a grave. Who were they and where were they from? Solve this and other ancient mysteries about the Saxons, Romans and Vikings in the interactive exhibition "Invaders" at Andover Museum until August 31. "Invaders" then tours to Gosport Gallery, September 14 until Christmas, followed by other Hampshire museums (Chris Elmer, tel: 01256 332392). Free admission but booking essential for school groups.

Tel: 01264 366283

"Six Wives at Sudeley Castle", an exhibition recreating ten glorious, jewel-encrusted robes worn by Henry VIII's queens, runs at Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire until October 27 and again from April to October, 2003. The garments were researched and created by Jane Stuart-Brown, the costume designer on David Starkey's series, The Six Wives of Henry VIII. The castle was home to Katherine Parr after Henry VIII's death; in 1535 Anne Boleyn and Henry stayed for a week and Elizabeth I spent time there.

Tel: 01242

Channel 4's education arm, 4Learning, has produced a set of secondary history "TV-Roms", each presenting 30-40 minutes of video clips from the ITN news archive. pound;30 each from Christine Hall, education officer, 4Learning, PO Box 444, London SW1P 2WD


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