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Children aged 11-16 have been finding out how energy can be obtained from poo at a free interactive lecture, "Our planet - our future", touring the UK until November 23. Topics include: how science and engineering can help reduce humans' impact on the planet, and whether extreme weather will wreak havoc on Earth. It has been organised by the Engineering and Technology Board and the Institute of Physics.

"Emission Impossible: can technology save the Planet?" is the subject of the free 2006 Faraday lecture for ages 14-16. Organised by the Institute of Electrical Engineers, it tours the country from January to March.

www.iee.orgEventsLectrsFaraday2006index.cfm Science and its importance to our lives will be celebrated during National Science Week, March 10-19, with festivals, school trips and other events.

Information packs are available from the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

Tel: 020 7973 3074 www.the-ba.netthe-baEvents

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