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Megaphone theatre

For teachers who organise theatre trips, the major Scottish children's companies have got together to create what they call a "megaphone" for the work they produce.

Catherine Wheels, Giant, TAG, Visible Fictions and Wee Stories, in collaboration with Imaginate, directors of the Children's International Theatre Festival, have set up what they call "Young Audiences Scotland". Its website brings together for the first time all the current information about theatre work for young people across Scotland. Interested teachers are invited to log on and sign up for the free monthly Young Audiences Scotland e newsletter.



The Scottish Volleyball Association is targeting PE teachers with a new course at the National Training Centre in Inverclyde this week. "Volleyball the Perfect Vehicle for Developing A Curriculum for Excellence" starts on Monday and lasts three days.

The mainly practical course will use volleyball skills to look at ways of developing successful learners, confident and responsible individuals and effective contributors.

"It will also provide information on the structure and content of a volleyball curriculum and aim to identify and develop the key steps for performance enhancement. It is part of the Scottish Volleyball Association's continuing professional development menu," says Tommy Dowens, SVA director of coaching.

The Scottish Junior National League begins on October 28 with the Glasgow Open Youth Festival at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow on November 4.

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