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JUNE 14 OLD MAPS Maps have fascinated people for 500 years, since first printed in Italy in around 1470. You can get your maps and cartographic items valued for free at the Old Maps Roadshow, which forms part of the International Map Collectors' Society's 18th map exhibition at the Fort Crest Bloomsbury, Coram Street, London WC1. Details: Yasha Beresiner, 0181 349 2207.

JUNE 15-27 ISLINGTON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, LONDON N1 Children and adults will be able to dance in and create the sound of crashing waves, sea gulls and fog horns in a giant seascape ("La Mer"), climb inside a 50-foot whale, explore a shipwrecked, treasure laden galleon and listen to the tales of a sailor, a beautiful mermaid and two retired pirates. Other activities include: musical stepping stones and Pointure 23's "Box of Delights" for the very young. On the final day, British seaside culture will be celebrated "on the shores of Upper Street". Details: 0171 354 2535.

JUNE 17-19 SPRINGBOARD DIRECTIONS: THE SCHOOLS FAIR '98 Free careers fair for A-level students organised by Hobsons Publishing at Wembley Conference and Exhibition Centre, London, 10am-3.30pm. Representatives from over 120 higher education establishments will be present and a wide range of companies and training bodies, plus a gap year consortium, a "clearing village" for students concerned about A-level results and a session where celebrities, such as Andrew Collinge (British hairdresser of the year), will talk about how they entered their profession. Details: Jeremy Cooper, 0171 336 6633.

JUNE 19-21 EVOLVING LINKS "The community music event of the year" organised by Sound Sense at the University of Wales, Bangor. There will be practical sessions, guest speakers, live performances, debate and discussion. Anyone who helps create music in a community setting is welcome. Residential fee: from pound;85 unwaged to pound;250 large organisations; discounts for members. Details: 01449 736287.

JUNE 19-21 MAD ABOUT MUSIC World famous percussionist Evelyn Glennie is to host two percussion workshops, including African tribal music, at this London Arena event, Paul Bradley (Nigel from Eastenders) is bringing his band, the hKippers, and there will be free concerts by guitar heroes, Hank Marvin and Nuno Bettencourt (ex-Extreme). Also available are free lessons at the Learn to Play Centre and demonstrations of the latest musical technology. Advance tickets, including a buy two get one free offer, from: 0171 515 1212. Details on website: JUNE 22-24 SCIENCE FESTIVAL Clockwork radio inventor, Trevor Bayliss, is opening this event for Year 10 and 11 pupils at Putteridge Bury, University of Luton, and will discuss "The Life of an Inventor". Other attractions include: a demonstration flight from a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter, a satellite link with HMS Invincible in the Channel, and a 60-foot articulated lorry (WISE 5), containing lots of hands-on experiments. Organised with Bedfordshire Education Business Partnership, the aim is to widen pupils' perspectives on career opportunities in science and engineering. School group bookings: Bob Green, 01582 702345. Details:

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