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* "Maths like you've never seen it before!" is the theme of the York Maths Funfair being held at Burnholme College, Tang Hall, October 23. Dozens of sideshows and teaching ideas are promised. Admission: pound;1pound;2; subsidies available for group travel. Running alongside it will be a History in Maths Education conference and a Maths Year 2000 event organised by MatheMagic. Other events include a Mini-Maths Funfair at Holy Trinity Church, Micklegate, York, October 2, and Maths in Museums, December 10. Details: Joe Campbell. Tel: 01904 424242; e-mail: * As part of Black History Month's open learning week, the Caribbean Studies International Network and The Oware Society are running a demonstration and one-hour workshop about Oware, the mathematical board game invented by Africans along the Nile valley around 3500BC. It will be held on October 6, 1,30-3.30pm at Goldsmiths College, London SE14. Booking essential. Details: 0181 265 9905.

* Johnny Ball is busy producing a maths musical for Maths Year 2000. Featuring Archimedes, Fibonacci, Galileo, Newton, Pascal and Euler, it will include basic number, algebra, geometry, music and maths. Free teacher's packs and student posters will link the material to the curriculum at key stages 2 and 3. Seats will be less than pound;2. Look out for the spring term national tour in London in January.

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