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'Evil' tables must be destroyed

From my perspective as a primary head, Gerard Kelly's editorial was completely wrong ("Tables: a sensible way to compare the market", June 4). League tables should definitely go - except perhaps for cars. Even then I go and sit in a car, read the blurb and give it a test drive before I buy.

It was good to see Mr Kelly recognise some of the many flaws with the tables, and to spot that in some cases they are used as instruments of evil.

But suggesting "most of us" use lists "without dwelling on caveats" to choose houses, hospitals and universities is simply rubbish. If I am ill I go to the nearest hospital; only if I need a specialist treatment do I begin to get referrals to other centres.

I recognise that some people face terrible time pressures. I am just saddened that they don't want to see for themselves where their children will learn skills and attitudes that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps as a committed educationalist I am in a minority when thinking that where we send our children to school is far more important than buying a car.

Chris Brooksbank, Headteacher, Flookburgh CE Primary School, Cumbria.

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