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Exam leak plugged

Jotter wasn't actually present, but an entertaining evening appears to have been had by all (maybe that's because we weren't there) when her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education was treated to the after-dinner recollections of TES Scotland school diarist Morris Simpson (aka John Mitchell) in Dundee recently.

One particular highlight concerned Mitchell's narrative of the (true) story that inspired a particular Simpson column (September 2002), when the industrious peacefulness of an examination hall had been shattered by the plaintive cry of a young female candidate: "Haw! Ma bra's leakin!"

The girl in question, whose gel-filled undergarment had been mysteriously punctured was understandably allowed to leave the hall temporarily with an escort.

Mitchell took the opportunity to ask Anton Colella, seated nearby, whether he had read the invigilator's report on the occurrence? Quick as a flash, the Scottish Qualifications Authority chief responded: "No, but we're keeping abreast of the situation . . ."

The chap should go far.

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