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Exams are as tough as ever

I get more and more annoyed when, every year, A-levels are claimed to be easier than the year before.

I sat my A-levels in 2002, supposedly the year of the "grading scandal year". They were certainly not easy. I worked hard to achieve the A and two Bs... needed for university. After studying recent A-level papers for my PGCE course, I believe that they are not getting any easier.

Teachers now emphasise the importance of taking further education seriously, not simply taking A-levels to postpone entry into the job market. They have helped the A-level pass rate soar to the 96.2 per cent it is today.

We should be celebrating our wonderful teachers and educated children, not taking away their pride by claiming the exams were easy.

So congratulations to all of those who have taken A-levels and congratulations to the teachers. Maybe some day I can help the pass rate to rise even higher.

Melissa Russon Nottingham PGCE course student 12 Etwall Street Derby

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