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Experience Pakistan

TEAMS from six schools will visit Pakistan in October as winners of the Experience Pakistan Project sponsored by the Akhter Education Trust, a subsidiary of Akhter Computers.

The project, in its second year, aims to generate interest in the country and foster understanding, tolerance and harmony in multicultural Britain.

Fourteen-year-olds were asked to make a multimedia presentation on an aspect of Pakistan's history, geography or culture.

The winners are: Moat Community College, Leicester; Impington Village College, Cambridgeshire; King Edward VII Aston School, Birmingham; Lampton School, Hounslow; Wycombe High School, High Wycombe; and Charles Darwin school, Biggin Hill.

During their 10-day visit, the students and their teachers will meet the president and sporting heroes; and they will visit the Khyber Pass, Swat Valley, Lahore and schools in order to set up cyber-twinning links.

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