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Expressive delivery

Theatre director and community arts worker Richard Hayhow explains his thinking behind a week of theatre productions by people with learning disabilities which he has mounted as part of Coventry's Arts Alive festival: "Our society is so word based. I hope, through these productions, audiences will discover other, equally effective means of communication and new ways of telling things."

Theatre companies from London, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Gateshead and Coventry, as well as Oiseau Mouche from France will be performing in Coventry from June 26 to July 1.

A special programme of workshops in conjunction with these productions has been devised for secondary pupils with special educational needs.

The programme includes exercises to help young people explore and understand the themes and ideas in some of the plays (June 27 pm, June 28 am), an exploration of musical skills, and opportunities to develop musical expression (June 30 midday-2pm), "Life Forms" an installation with participatory events and walk through opportunities to stimulate sensory perception (June 26 am and pm) and communal drama games and activities to enhance social skills (June 29 am).

For details of productions and workshops contact Isobel Reynolds at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry: 01203 256431 Ex 215

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