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Extra help for Welsh governors

The article in "Governors' Guide" ("Where to find support", TES, February 28), failed to mention that school governors in Wales have their own National Confederation of Governor Associations.

This body, renamed Governors Wales, was set up in May 1995 to be the voice of governors in Wales and another source of support. Responsibility for the education service in Wales is discharged by the Welsh Office and reflects the distinctive needs and cultures of Wales.

For this reason it was felt to be appropriate for Wales to have its own confederation to articulate and present the views of governors of schools in the principality.

During its short existence, Governors Wales has gained recognition from government and from many influential national organisations. It receives funding from the Welsh Office and, latterly, financial support from local authorities.

Early on, a development plan was drawn up containing a clear statement of aspirations, objectives and strategies for the first three years. Close links have been forged with the Association of Directors of Education and the Welsh Joint Education Committee.


Chairman Governors Wales Western Avenue Llandaff Cardiff

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