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Extra pay for NQTs

Your job and career questions answered

Can a management point be awarded to an NQT for extra responsibility, over and above that which is reasonably expected of a new teacher?

The simple answer is yes. There is nothing to stop an NQT being paid allowances appropriate to the work they are doing. That said, they would still need the induction time all NQTs are allowed on top of any time for their management responsibilities. There are some subjects, say RE or music, where there is often only one full-time member of staff and the rest of the timetable is covered by part-timers. Ideally, the school should ensure that the management responsibilities are covered by another teacher, as an NQT has quite enough to do learning how to teach in a new environment. However, with more NQTs entering through the graduate teacher programme, often after a successful career outside teaching, schools will ask NQTs to take on the extra responsibility. They should still think long and hard before agreeing, even with the extra salary.

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