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Extracurricular activity

If you ever thought those nice people in charge of the curriculum were a bunch of ... shall we say self-interested individuals, you might have been on to something. For it turns out that one of their number has had enough of exam papers, turning instead to a racier form of publishing.

Suraya Singh quit the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority to set up an erotic magazine for women. She told The Independent she was fed up with the mix of gossip, fashion and diets in traditional women's magazines, so decided to launch an alternative.

While Ms Singh believes previous attempts to crack the female market for erotica have failed because they have been created from a male viewpoint, she claims to have done her research into what really turns women on.

Filament launches this week and contains a mixture of barely clad men and erotic stories, although no full-frontal pics. And for those missing traditional magazines, there are even one or two recipes.

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