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Failure blues;Letter

I STRONGLY object to the headline "Primaries fail the test" on your front page report on Edinburgh's primary schools (TESS, February 5). This headline does not accurately sum up the article: something about "Surprising test results in Edinburgh" would match the content much better, because many of the schools studied are in fact doing very well.

At this time of year teachers are working flat out and most will be feeling exhausted. We are all feeling undermined and demoralised by the constant media criticism of the profession. What we do not need on a Friday morning is yet another depressing headline, especially when it is not appropriate.

Surely The TES Scotland of all papers can steer clear of today's anti-teacher bias.

I do not work on Fridays. If you do not receive other complaints about this headline it may only be because most of your readers have no time or energy to respond.

Jean MacKenzie Park Drive, Rutherglen

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