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A fair-trade feast for your class

Sleat primary school is on a peninsula of the Isle of Skye, serving a rural community of crofters' families. Barbara Williams says her class of 20 nine to 11-year-olds "have a great sense of humour, love sport and come up with lots of good ideas".

Each term, as part of their citizenship work, they adopt a charity for which they raise awareness and funds; last term's "challenge" focused on the work of Insight, which works with blind people. "It was very practical because the children wanted to try to explain what it felt like to be blind," says Ms Williams. As well as "feely bags" and "guess the taste of..." games, the children translated Braille and learned how best to lead a blind person. "They gave up their breaks to get everything ready." She's proud of them and trusts they'll keep up the good work. A bumper box of Dubble bars is on its way north. If your class deserves a treat, email to tell us why, giving the name of your school and marking your message Dubble offer. For information on fair trade, go to

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