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A fair-trade feast for your class

Playing fair could earn your class a fantastic treat. Each week this term we're giving away a box of Dubble fair-trade chocolate bars and a match-quality Team football from Fair Deal Trading. The chocolate comes from a Ghanaian co-operative, and the football is hand-stitched by adults in Pakistan, who earn a decent wage. So as well as being a top-quality piece of kit, it is helping give child labour the boot.

This week's deserving winners are the reception class at Purwell primary school in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Their headteacher, Elaine Barron, tells us that two four-year-olds from the reception class were seen to leave their game and, unprompted, approach two three-year-olds who had just started in the nursery. The older boys offered to look after the younger ones and show them "good things to play with". And they were as good as their word, staying by their charges' side throughout the session.

If your class deserves a fair-trade treat, email to tell us why. Mark your message Dubblefootball offer. For information on fair trade,;

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