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Fair's fair: some ideas for a more just future

The Bristol University research claiming the abolition of school league tables has led to a relative decline in Welsh standards compared to England has overlooked another major difference between the two countries ("Abolishing league tables impacts results," November 5).

The authors of the report have said they have taken funding differences into account, but having read the report, I can find no educational analysis of the impact of lower funding on pupil attainment. Instead there is a "statistical adjustment" for the difference.

The funding gap between Wales and England has now grown to more than #163;500 a year per pupil. This enormous difference in funding has been allowed to grow by the previous Labour Assembly government and now the Labour-Plaid government.

The situation is likely to deteriorate once the UK Government's pupil premium comes on stream. It is not school league tables we need to reinstate but a fairer system of funding.

Jenny Randerson, Assembly member and Welsh Liberal Democrat shadow education minister.

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