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Fairtrade ideas

Busybusybee writes: I'm about to embark on a citizenship project about Fairtrade. Has anyone any ideas on how to bring this to life for the kids - teaching 9- to 10-year-olds?

Dominie replies: Get a bar of Fairtrade chocolate and a bar of a well-known brand. Tell them they are cocoa producers and can have the commercial brand divided up the way it's divided under current trading conditions. Result: one square for them and the rest for you.

Then tell them that they can have the Fairtrade chocolate as per fair trade conditions I one square for you and the rest for them.

Should be clear even to 9-year-olds?

(OK, you might have to do two bars pro rata so that every kid gets at least one square, depending on the size of the classchocolate bar.) Skipster25 replies: I did an activity with S1 pupils in religious education about Fairtrade and they LOVED it! Discussed Fairtade, what it was, etc, then produced bar of Fairtrade choc with hat, scarf, gloves, knife and fork on a plate. Asked multiple choice questions about Fairtrade and the kid who got the question right had 30 seconds to put on clothing and eat as much choc with knife and fork as possible (not much!! About one square usually!!) Kids really enjoyed it and learned something too! Little noisy though!!

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