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Fake lure of the carburettor

I was surprised to read the front-page article about teachers and their cars, and the importance this might have for Tony Blair (TES, January 16).

The teacher interviewed said children may be turned off school because they do not respect a teacher's image. This teacher, Gary McMahon, dealt with this issue by driving around in David Beckham's old Mercedes.

My entire career I have been working on my personality, sense of humour and communication skills to gain respect from the children. I have tirelessly honed my lesson plans, assessment and evaluation skills. I have attempted to make each child feel valued and important through delegating responsibility and focused target-setting. All this, it seems, was in vain.

To get their respect I should have sold my Nissan Micra and bought a Porsche. Then as my credibility was increased and I anticipated a shortfall in my Sats results I could troop my class to the car park to let them admire my car. As an incentive to the top pupils I could let them sit in the passenger seat.

Natasha Crellin

110 Sweets Way

Whetstone, London N20

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