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From fakery and theft to handguns

Life-time bans:

Alan Mercer, right, a Kent headteacher banned for life for forging more than 150 exam papers (February 2004).

Mark Parnham, who was sentenced to six years in jail for manslaughter after bludgeoning his teacher wife to death with an iron bar. First teacher to receive a life ban (March 2003).

Suspensions and fixed-term bans: Irshad Khan, who is serving a four-year sentence for causing grievous bodily harm. Banned for two years (May 2004).

Dawn Fitzsimons, who lied about having leukaemia to avoid an Office for Standards in Education inspection. Banned for four years (March 2004).

Sarah Boylan, who lied about her degree. Banned for four years (February 2004).

Boris Dmytrenko, imprisoned for six months for possessing two illegal handguns and ammunition designed to explode on impact. Barred from teaching for two years.. (December 2003)

Graham Arnold, right, a headteacher jailed for stealing more than pound;80,000 from school accounts to pay off credit card debts. Two-year ban (November 2003).

Michael Morrison, fabricated details on his CV. Prohibited from teaching for five years (July 2003).

Allowed to return to teaching:

Kevin Tubb, who punched a pensioner in the face during a road-rage attack, leaving the 61-year-old needing 15 stitches. Allowed to return to teaching after being sentenced to 150 hours of community service (November 2003).

James Bashford, sentenced to eight months in jail after scarring another man for life in a pub brawl. Must give the GTC a report on his conduct from his headteacher every six months (October 2003).

Thomas Hosty, jailed for 12 months for possessing illegal firearms. Must tell any new school where he works about his activities involving guns (September 2003). Trevor Nelmes, right, was jailed for four years for dishonestly making more than pound;550,000 through his computer company.

Can teach pupils providing he is not involved in schools' finances (April 2003).

John Towler, who fabricated results for his Year 5 class. Received a reprimand, but was allowed to continue teaching (March 2003).

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