Faster is not always better

* Faster is not always better. RM says cracked or damaged CD media and high-speed CD-Rom drives could result in an explosion. RM became aware of the issue when more than 50 customers contacted them about discs that had shattered inside their CD-Rom drives. The problem is caused by defective CDs being played in CD-Rom drives that operate at more than 40x speed - an industry-wide problem.

RM has been issuing customers with affected drives with a protective shield, designed to trap any fragments. The shield can be fitted into existing RM drives, but 52x drives require a firmware fix to reduce the speed. Meanwhile, RM advises people to check CDs before use. Position any CD-Rom drive away from your students' faces where possible. Schools should contact their CD-Rom manufacturer for advice. More information is at www.rm.comsafety

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