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Marcia Bailey

Born: 1972

Job: Athlete support manager, English Institute of Sport (South East) Studied: East Berkshire College,1988-91

Qualifications: Five GCSEs (C and above) in English literature, maths, history, human biology sociology

BTec national diploma in business finance.

Marcia Bailey (nee Richardson) was one of Britain's top sprinters, competing in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

She won a bronze medal in the 1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games for the 4x100m relay and ran in both the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games, making the final of the Atlanta 4 x 100m relay.

"I met my husband at East Berkshire College. We have been together nearly 16 years.

"I have fond memories of further education being a great and rewarding experience because it enabled me to build up a solid qualification base, while creating some fond and memorable experiences with my peers.

"I enjoyed going to college every day. The banter in the classroom, the competitiveness of trying to achieve the highest grades, girls versus boys, the relationships, the tutors, all helped to carve lovely memories of a time that I will never forget.

"The girls always wanted to hand in the best work, so time was taken to ensure that folders and work was presented properly. This is a skill I still have to day. I cannot remember all the teachers' names but one whom I enjoyed listening to was called Mr Win Dhatt. He was a younger member of staff who seemed to be able to relate to us all.

"He seemed to know how to get the best out of us.

"I cannot remember my business law teacher's name. She was Irish, with ginger hair and wore glasses. She made law seem interesting and just had a unique way of teaching. It never seemed hard but she made all the information go into the brain and understandable."

"After East Berkshire, I went to the West London Institute (now Brunel university) and did a degree in leisure management and sport science."

"East Berkshire provided me with the transition I needed from school and to go through university. It broke the mould of school because you had to be more responsible and take ownership of your studies."

Marcia was talking to Shekhar Bhatia

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