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Naveed Khan

Job: Car repairer

Age: 27

Attended: Keighley College, West Yorkshire, 1999-2001

Studied: vehicle body repair NVQ

Naveed Khan was invited to the House of Commons last year to receive a national adult learning award. He is regarded, at his former college, as a shining example for the hard work he put into his course and for what he managed to take from it and into business. He now runs the Enkahnz vehicle repairers in Bradford, employing 10 people.

I owe such a lot to my lecturer, John Thornham. It was natural for me to take John to Parliament when I got the award. He has been such a great supporter and he is one of my best friends.

I value everything he taught me and am still learning from him, as he comes to the repair centre for a chat quite often.

His approach to dealing with students is perfect. He was very patient with us in the classroom. There were about 15 students, and that included some women. It was a great atmosphere to learn in and we all got on.

The equipment was good enough to go with John's teaching skills and lessons were never boring.

I think the advice I was given, to look at the whole picture before tackling something, has helped me a lot.

I employ 10 people and all the stuff John gave me goes into the business.

It is because of him that I am where I am today.

I have such a lot of respect for the college that I now send two of my apprentices there because I know they will get the best teacher in the country.

John was such a great motivator and he still helps. He called me today with some advice. That is why he a great friend too. I have been very lucky.

I even go back to Keighley to talk to the other students and that is very flattering for me as only a few years ago I was one of them.

I see some of my mates from college and I love going back and seeing the staff. I have to make sure that all the brilliant stuff I learned there is passed on to my employees and apprentices.

We are always learning and the next thing I want to do is a business management course, as I want to expand even further and get new premises."

Naveed Khan was talking to Shekhar Bhatia

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