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FE transfer will not ease shortage;Letter

WE SEE regular reports of the teacher shortage across the UK in the press and on television but one wonders where the solution really lies as North Yorkshire Council announces the possibility of a pound;2.5 million of cut in its education budget which would be achieved by a reduction of the number of teachers.

I left the Royal Air Force after 34 years with a recent Open University degree and an ambition to enter teaching. This was frustrated by the inability to obtain the PGCE qualification while a serving member of the armed forces.

However, I did obtain a Further and Adult Teaching Certificate while in the employment of Darlington College of Technology which considers such qualifications to be an essential part of its staff development programme.

Reports of a fast-track system to allow the transfer of adult qualifications to schools would in my case not really be considered until the financial system is restructured and a sensible national policy is implemented which would guarantee the provision of sound education for the next generation.

Neil Emsen

32A Brough Meadows

Catterick Village

Richmond, North Yorkshire

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