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The fears of Year 6;Bullying

These and the quotation overleaf were written by pupils in a Year 6 class anxious about transfer to secondary school. Bullying is a major worry for them.

'When I go to the high school I think people will call me names because I am a coloured person, and thatworries me a lot. Sometimes people can say something to you and it is always the same seven words and they are 'If you say anything you are dead.'Naomi

'I'm going to a private school and it has CCTV so you can't really get bullied. But my sister has been pushed down the stairs of the bus by people from another school. My mum will take us to school in the morning, but I'm still a bit worried about coming back on the bus." Tom

' People say that when you start at the secondary school you get bullied straight away. What I want to know is do they deal with bullying? I worry that because I'm plump they'll pick on me. I've been trembling since Year 5 and now I'm in Year 6 I'm even worse. My mum and dad say I won't get bullied, but I think I will'. Kimberley

'People get bullied about small things, like hair and clothes and where you come from. My brother was bullied because he came from a different country and I am worried they will do the same to me'. Elle

'I've heard rumours about the high school, like on your birthday they flush your head down the toilet. My sister told me "just keep your eyes where they should be and your mouth shut then nothing bad will happen". She should know because she has been there and now she's in the army. When I go to school in September I just hope that I can make friends'. Peter

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