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Feast of football

Class 10EC at Gloucester high school for girls take this week's fair-trade chocolate and football treat for persuading five teachers to dress up as part of the school's tsunami fundraising campaign. The girls' tutor, Angela Topham, says the three male members of staff made "interesting" women, and the two female teachers were transformed into Shrek and a clown. Not only did the group raise more than pound;300, but they were also thoughtful enough to give each of the five teachers a box of chocolates. Ms Topham says they have been fantastic all year, and she is almost ready to forgive them for organising a visit from the local press photographer.

Does your class play fair? If so, email uk to tell us why, and they could receive a box of Dubble bars and a Fair Deal football. The chocolate comes from a Ghanaian collective and the football is hand-stitched by adults in Pakistan, helping to end the widespread abuse of child labour. Mark your message Dubblefootball offer. For information on fair trade go to:;

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