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Feast of football

Emma Payne, deputy head at Hillcrest primary school in Bristol, nominates her Year 5 pupils for our fair trade treat. She recently had to go on a three-day NPQH residential, just as her class were finalising preparations for a class assembly on teamwork. She phoned a colleague on her return on Friday night to hear that her pupils had been superb, performing with poise and confidence, and wowing the whole school. She says she is proud of them all, so we'll be sending them a box of fair trade Dubble chocolate bars and a match-quality Team football from Fair Deal.

If your class deserve a fair trade treat, email uk to tell us why, and they could receive a box of Dubble bars and a Fair Deal football. The chocolate comes from a Ghanaian collective and the football is hand-stitched by adults in Pakistan, helping to end the widespread abuse of child labour. Mark your message Dubblefootball offer. For information on fair trade go to:;

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