Feast of football

Pupils at St Bede's school in Hailsham, East Sussex, have to come in for lessons on Saturday morning. Then it's straight off to football matches in the afternoon, writes history teacher George Carney. A long run of defeats has done little to dampen their spirits and they all turn up, without fail, for training on Monday morning. Last Saturday, their enthusiasm was rewarded with a 1-1 draw, with the keeper saving a penalty. We're sending them our fair-trade double header of a box of Dubble chocolate bars and a football from Fair Deal Trading in the hope of inspiring them to victory.

The chocolate comes from a Ghanaian collective and the football is hand-stitched by adults in Pakistan, helping to give child labour the boot.

For information on fair trade go to: www.dubble.co.uk; www.fairdealtrading.co.uk.

Does your class deserve a fair-trade treat? If so, email friday@tes.co.uk

to tell us why, and they could receive a box of Dubble bars and a Fair Deal football. Mark your message Dubblefootball offer.

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