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Features of an inclusive school

David Henderson reports that the inspectorate's review of inclusion will soothe some teachers' grievances

* strong ethos with clear values and high expectations;

* a broad view of achievements, talents and abilities;

* promotion of success and self-esteem so that not only the most academically able are achieving;

* no conscious or unconscious discrimination just because of a pupil's characteristics or background;

* offers good community relations and emphasises wider links.

Evidence from successful schools:

* what matters is the curriculum, learning and teaching, support for pupils, quality of the management and the ethos;

* they promote positive values, such as mutual respect, equality and fairness, and high standards of work and behaviour;

* staff know their pupils and are concerned for them, regardless of the size of the school;

* there is strong and visible leadership from senior staff;

* they recognise they have to engage with other professionals and the community;

* teachers analyse the needs of pupils at risk and take action.

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