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Fed up with a constant barrage of criticism

As a teacher you are advised to try and get the best out of your pupils by praising them for what they are successful at instead of constantly criticising them for their faults. When is the Office for Standards in Education going to adopt this attitude for itself when assessing teachers and the standard of education at key stage 2?

In a recent article ("Basics bring brickbats for primaries", TES, March 8), it was stated that primary teachers were concentrating too much on the teaching of the three core subjects. However, a few weeks ago primary teachers were criticised for not placing enough emphasis on vital areas such as mathematics. How can we win?

The article also focused on how primary teachers are lacking in subject expertise, are relying too much on only one teaching method and have very low expectations of their pupils. Is such a slating supposed to improve the standard of education and increase the morale and self-esteem of primary teachers? No. I am a Year 4 teacher who has only been in the profession for 18 months. I work long hours and always give my best, yet I feel demoralised and undervalued.

If OFSTED is not careful it will lose many good teachers who will just be fed up of an overabundance of harsh criticism.

HELEN RICHARDS Hayes Park school Middlesex

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