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Feet first for safety

Park and ride is the familiar strategy for shopping. Park and walk is set to be the pattern for pupils and parents at Torbain primary in Kirkcaldy.

Torbain has picked up a school travel award for its efforts, backed by a pound;100,000 investment, after improving the safety of children's journeys. It is one of six Fife schools involved in a council pilot.

Local parking areas have been identified away from the school to ease congestion outside the 600-pupil primary with parents encouraged to drive then walk. Tough new waiting restrictions will be enforced by the police.

A survey, conducted jointly by pupils and the authority, showed that congestion was made worse by inconsiderate parking.

A third of pupils said they would like to cycle to school. Most parents wanted their children to walk and said they would if routes were improved.

Parents and children who already walk said the existing routes were safe.

In a project with the council's transport department, routes have been upgraded by new sections of footpath, special markings and better lighting.

Four new zebra crossings strengthen the safety measures.

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