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Female Dress Code

Mcescher: Our head has issued a female dress code as some members of staff have been revealing "too much flesh" over recent weeks. Apparently he took umbrage when observing a lesson and a teacher revealed a "pierced body part" when she pointed to something on the board.

Consequently, we have all been told to cover up. All men wear shirts and ties and have been, quite frankly, sweating their bollocks off this week.

Most women have worn smart tops (T-shirt material not allowed apparently as it can show nipples if things become cooler) and light clothing.

Pssedoffteacher: I don't think professional attire in the classroom is too much to ask, to be honest.

Jeepers kreepers: I agree that teachers should look professional, but is the sight of a pierced belly button really going to jeopardise your kids'

education? If anything, it might encourage some of the older boys to actually turn up to your lessons!

Spookefoote: Dress down and expect to be treated that way.

Jack55: The best dress code I have encountered was set by a school I taught at ages ago: staff will always be as well or better dressed than the children taught.

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