Say Bravo for the macho, macho man

Upon hearing the name Tony Bravo, one could be forgiven for thinking that it might belong to a secret agent. So you may be amused to discover that Mr Bravo is, in fact, the principal of Basingstoke College of Technology in England. But titter ye not: Ferret can confirm that Tony Bravo is every inch the macho all-action hero that his name suggests.

Despite the fact that Twitter is officially banned in China, Mr Bravo demonstrated his rebellious streak by posting a series of tweets and photos during a recent business trip to cultivate contacts in the country.

"Shaolin monks tomorrow. Going to practice (sic) my Kung fu!" he wrote, later adding: "Just won Kung fu competition :-)"

But he was brought back down to earth with a bump when he admitted: "Just been smashed at badminton by older Chinese man."

The trip was clearly about work as well as play, though. "I can't believe after all that rice wine they are trying to make me work on this agreement!" he joked. "But I'll do it :-)"

And he did, posting a photo of an empty bottle to prove it.

It seems that Mr Bravo's alpha-male approach has won him some admirers. A report on his college, published last week by inspectorate Ofsted, described his leadership as "inspirational". Ferret will drink to that.

It's a dog's life

At many schools and colleges around the globe, it's the time for end-of-year celebrations. And students at the Animal Behavior College, the California-based vocational school specialising in all things canine, have been enjoying their moment in the spotlight.

Or, rather, they should have been. The college posted photos of the first batch of students on its dog training programme receiving their certificates, dressed in the customary academic caps and gowns.

But who's that at the front of the photo? A group of dogs. Typical. It's like trainee nurses being upstaged by grinning patients brandishing crutches and wheelchairs. Ferret suggests that a quick call to the dog warden might help to get rid of these attention-seekers.

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