May 9

Ascension Day (Christian)

Forty days after Easter, Jesus physically ascended into heaven. Many Christians attend communion or mass on this day.

May 15

Vaisakha PujaWesak (Buddhist)

This festival of lights commemorates the Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Death.

May 17

Pentecost (Christian)

Celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit to Christ's disciples, and thus the start of the growth of Christianity. Also called Whitsuntide (White Sunday) from the white garments worn at baptism.

May 17-18

Shavuot (Jewish)

The Festival of Weeks, seven weeks after Passover. It commemorates the giving of the Laws (the "Torah") to Moses on Mount Sinai, and marks the fruits of Spring. It's also a day for celebrating educational success.

May 23

Declaration of the Bab (Baha'i)

This is the anniversary of the day when the Prophet Herald of the Baha'i Faith declared his mission to his first disciples in 1844.

May 25

The Prophet Muhammad's birthday (570 CE) (Muslim)

Celebrated in mosques and by special meals at home. In some countries there are processions.

May 30

Corpus Christi (Christian)

Important in the Roman Catholic church as a day of thanksgiving for the holy eucharist.

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