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A few pints to make the peace

As Dennis Hayes steps into the cauldron of Che Guevera T-shirt-wearing old Commies at the Natfhe annual conference next month, he may have to buy a few pints to make the peace.

After being elected vice-president of the lecturers' union, there will be a few old-guard noses out of joint. Not least treasurer Fawzi Ibrahim, who was the inside candidate and stood for the office only to be roundly beaten by the ever-smiling academic whose tirades against political correctness and victim culture are well-known to our readers.

"You don't have to be high-profile to be president, so this doesn't surprise me," Mr Ibrahim tells me. "The president is elected only for a year. The treasurer is more important.

"I'm not saying that to wind him up, though. Dennis has a sense of humour.

He'll do a good job."

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