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Fife music festival

With the emphasis securely on fun, Fife's 21st Festival of Music takes place between Monday (January 29) and February 11 this year. The festival aims to attract people from all ages and walks of life to enjoy the entire spectrum of making music, from school orchestras and choirs to traditional music and rock bands.

With almost 1,000 entries for the various categories including "Voice" and "Strings, Guitar", the focus is on encouraging people to make music. With this in mid, the festival chairman, Graeme Wilson says: "We like to be known as the friendly festival", which means that although there is a competitive element, its entire existence does not depend upon it.

Audiences are actively encouraged to become involved in the events which will take place in venues including the Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, the Corn Exchange, Cupar and the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy.

For a programme contact Ivy Partridge, tel 01592 591591.

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