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Fight against climate change

Every secondary in Scotland has already received a copy of Al Gore's Oscar winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth but now an internet-based climate change resource has been launched to accompany the DVD.

This package of climate change resources is aimed at pupils in senior secondary who, the designers believe, have enough scientific knowledge to grasp the issues.

The website, designed by Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Sustainable Development Education Liaison Group, falls into three sections: the facts about climate change, the effects, and the response.

"We wanted the site to take pupils through the basics and then lead them to other places where they can find out more," said Alastair Lavery of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. "But we also want them to go from learning to doing."

The site encourages youngsters to make their voices heard by giving Al Gore style (pictured) presentations of their own to their schools and local community. It also urges them to take personal action, change their schools and act locally and globally.

The resources, said Mr Lavery, can be used in anything from science to ICT. "Any one of half a dozen departments could consider using this."

In June next year, the designers hope to gather Scottish secondaries together for a climate change conference where youngsters will present their findings and opinions.

"We owe it to young people to guide them through this complicated and difficult subject, which is probably going to dominate their lives," concluded Mr Lavery.


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