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Filey in North Yorkshire

Scientists at the University of Newcastle have been developing 3D computer-generated models of Filey in North Yorkshire, using pioneering techniques that they hope will eventually lead to a complete mapping of Britain's disappearing coastline: From top: University of Newcastle PhD student Richard Eyers dons special eyewear that enables him to see the computer-generated model of Filey in three dimensions. Effectively he is looking at a scaled-down 3D snapshot of the coast as it was when the image was taken. Multiple sets of 3D imagery can show how the coast has changed and indicate how it will change in the future.

A near-verticle aerial photograph of Filey Brigg, a prominent geological feature in the region. Erosion effects caused by water run-off and wave action can clearly be seen in the photograph.

A 3D computer-generated model of Filey Country Park, where aerial photographs are used to take precise measurements. This process is called photogrammetry.

Change and movement taking place over a Filey Country Park bay is shown in this computer-generated model.

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