Filling little boxes

Roger Frost

HOW TO BE BRILLIANT AT RECORDING IN SCIENCE. Age range: 7-11 years By Neil Burton Pounds 9.95. - 1897675 100, Brilliant Publications, PO Box, 143, Leamington, Spa, CV31 1EB. Telephone: 01926 4221789.

Science is one of those nice orderly subjects.

It just begs to be organised into boxes and this booklet of copiable sheets aims to help you though mostly the children, do that.

What is being organised here is not science fact but children's thoughts and plans for the investigations they do.

For example, the form for "Keeping a record" has boxes which act as prompts for what the children are trying to find out, what they are going to measure, how they will record and present their results

Similarly other pages try to extract ideas form children - about what they've seen or what they know or what they will measure and so on.

Teachers will find that some of these fill a need and are either worth using as they come, or worth developing into something new.

Others will prefer to just give the children the headings as prompts and not straitjacket them any further.

You will have seen these sort of pro-formas in science schemes and this collection is really just a bit ordinary.

For those who want things to copy and hand out, this is fair enough.

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