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The British Film Institute has just published a new guide to help teachers use film and television with three to 11-year-olds. Look Again! is intended to ensure children can learn about film, television, video, websites and computer games from their earliest years in school.

The guide, supported by the Department for Education and Skills, assists teachers in extending and improving the way they use and teach about the moving image media. It has been developed by a UK-wide team of early years and primary teachers, advisers and teacher trainers.

Look Again! offers eight teaching techniques for the study of film and television as well as practical ideas for analysing moving image media. It also outlines the close links between teaching literacy and cine-literacy.

* A similar guide, Moving Images in the classroom, is also available for secondary teachers. It maps the same teaching techniques in nine curriculum subjects: English, science, design and technology, history, geography, modern foreign languages, art and design, music and citizenshipPSHE.

Both BFI publications are available free by emailing

or writing to "Look Again!" or "Moving Images in the classroom", BFI Education, British Film Institute, 21 Stephen Street, London W1T 1LN.

They can also be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format from or The BFI is also organising an international conference called The Media Education in Europe, to be held in Belfast from May 13 to 15. It will bring together media educators from across Europe to meet and debate the challenges and opportunities for media teaching. For details see

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