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Find a place for outrdoor adventure

I was heartened to read the Government's advice about conker fights (TES, July 20).

Being outdoors and enjoying nature is a vital part of children's education and helps to nurture a lifelong appreciation of their environment. Childhood without adventure and exploration is a devalued childhood.

With more than 160,000 members, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' "wildlife explorers" club is testament to the huge interest in nature and wildlife among young people in the UK. Fostering interest in the natural world is invaluable for children's health, mental well-being and general education.

The RSPB is celebrating 40 years of inspiring children through school visits to our nature reserves. We hope conker showdowns and snowball fights will continue for many decades. Without these experiences, children will never learn to love and appreciate the wonders around them.

Andy Simpson

Head of Youth and Education,

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds,



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