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Six surly men are pictured in photofits on a wall. Kelham Island Museum has been broken into and pupils identified as gifted and talented from 24 Sheffield primaries are on the case. Police are on hand to explain how to make photo-fits, how you test for DNA, what to look for on fingerprints and hair samples. It won't take long for the culprit to be caught.

It's science challenge for primaries, part of a programme to grip the city's children in how their learning is applied.

Sheffield puts a high priority on science. Its heads of departments in secondaries and subject co-ordinators in primaries have been roped in to the lead department initiative, one of five authorities nationwide. Those who apply must be able to demonstrate strengths and expertise in areas such as leadership, helping school development and, of course, exam results. Once conferred, lead department status lets them share good practice with departments in other schools.

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