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Fingers that bend both ways;Jotter

Gender guru Geoff Hannan titillated last week's in-service training day at Dunblane with a party game for the staffroom.

Hannan swears he can tell which side of the curriculum you teach on, with 7 out of 10 accuracy, by looking at your hand shape.

The average male's ring finger is longer than the index finger or vice versa. In the average female, the fingers are the same length.

"If you're a female mathematician you're likely to have a male-shaped hand and some form of mild dyslexia. And if you're a male modern linguist or English teacher you're likely to have a female-shaped hand," Hannan revealed to much hand-checking.

And another staffroom game?

With 7 out of 10 accuracy you can guess a person's sexuality by their ears. "The same genes that control scrotum formation also control ear shape," Hannan coughed up. Gay men have female-shaped ears and lesbian women male-shaped ears.

The truth will out if you contact his website (TESS, last week).

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